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Praline - Jack Hall Revenge - Part 1 - Version 0.3.0


Praline - Jack Hall Revenge - Part 1 - Version 0.3.0

Developer / Publisher: Praline
Tags: praline, adventure, big breasts, blowjob, incest, lesbian, male protagonist, milf, thriller, voyeur
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Part 1 - Version 0.3.0
OS: Win/Mac/Android
Size: In Download.
You are Jack Hall, a young cop from Sun City fresh out of the academy.​


A little change in links between MC and Eli, she is his cousin. I think this change fit better to the story.
translate correction
Adding of the first week-end with Eli.
Adding screen to follow stats for each girls
You can now jog in the morning
The investigation begin
144 images added in this version

Win Version
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-pc.rar from florenfile.com (303.70 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-pc.rar from rapidgator.net (303.70 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-pc.rar from k2s.cc (303.70 MB)
Mac Version
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-mac.rar from florenfile.com (256.83 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-mac.rar from rapidgator.net (256.83 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0_Part_1-mac.rar from k2s.cc (256.83 MB)
Android Version
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0-release.apk from florenfile.com (252.96 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0-release.apk from k2s.cc (252.96 MB)
Download JackHallRevenge-0.3.0-release.apk from rapidgator.net (252.96 MB)


praline adventure big breasts blowjob incest lesbian male protagonist milf thriller voyeur

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