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(R)Nest - Succulence - Version 1.05.3


(R)Nest - Succulence - Version 1.05.3

Developer / Publisher: (R)Nest
Tags: (r)nest, 2d game, school setting, female protagonist, corruption, sci-fi,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 1.05.3
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
You play as a strict female teacher, who finds a portal to a different
world, and discovers a shocking fact about her origin. Will she keep
living her life peacefully, or will she drown in her carnal desires?
That will be for a player to decide.​

- Big camp trip holiday added(unlocked in the principals office after getting revealing suit)
- New outfit added for the camp trip
- 3 Beach events added, with variations for each bikini
- Big waitress event added to nude beach(2 variations)
- Festival science club event added(not included in recollection room)
- Teleport at Vendy's is now functional (5 events + ending)
- New tape added to Serena's collection
- Fixed Jenny's dialogue in the Video Game club, her event is now available
- A bunch of bugs fixed in the Mansion boss room
- Runner at the school ground has been fixed for the prologue
- Mansion bad ends properly unlock in the recollection room(you'll have to play through mansion again to unlock them)
- Mansion bad ends can be unlocked in the recollection room if you've unlocked one of them.
- Beach poster on the closed shack can be viewed properly
- State of bunny outfit can be restored at the festival(club member near the welcoming spot)

- Main story wrapped up, more or less.(ending sequence starts by clicking the highlighted cupboard in the boss room)
- 2 main story events added(and a few small ones).
- Aria event added.
- Christmas event added(during the "naked run home" event, explore third floor of the school.).
- Big sleepover event added(4 events tied together) - 2 variations depending on lust.
- New train event added, that leads to 2 school events. - after taking early train in revealing suit, repeat it in default teacher suit(0 repair kits required, and unlocked "behind the school" event with the homeless man)
- Policeman in residential area can be seduced during exposure daily quest.(lust frenzy required)
- Shirt sleepwear can be worn outside.

+ New Mansion area added.
+ 10 events added in the mansion locations.
+ 2 standing images added with different variations in dialogues and menu.
+ Small waitress mini-game added.
+ 3 endings added in the mansion.
+ New train event added for revealing suit(will get updated next month) - 2 variations depending on legwear.
+ New combat skill added.
+ Small Aria event added in the menu.
+ Lots of exposition added that might be re-edited in the future.
- Minor animation bugs fixed
- Fixed tutoring event reset from last update
- There were more, but I forgot to note them down.
Didn't make it:
- quest log - it was to be expected at this point. Maybe standard walkthrough is better idea after all.
- Cosplay tape - ran out of time.
- School segment - It was only partially done so I've decided to scrap it for now.
Thank you for your support, and sorry for past mess of a month. Schedule for the next update will be posted later today.
Next update will be dominated by Serena.

+ New Aria event added.
+ School Fair holiday added(2 events).
+ 5 Tutoring events added(includes new master and task for submission contract).
+ Serena can look in the window of Richards house when she's doing daily exposure quest(requires progression with tutoring).
+ Added early train event for revealing suit(2 events)
+ Added new option at the diner table in the evening(+ event for revealing suit).
+ Both Bikini's are available in the pool(+ small swimming event).
+ Anniversary tape added to Serena's collection.

- Serena now receives daily payment when she visits school(possible bonuses for doing club activities in the future).
- Sanity/lust sustain items cost slightly cheaper now.
- Fixed some bugs involving early train with science club progression overlapping.
- Clothes are properly removed when stolen/teleported in all cases.
- Clothing shop is only locked after confirming purchase now.
- Bikini unlocks in Cosplay Club after talking to Jenny(progressing Gem events isn't necessary anymore)
- A lot of recollection room bugs and issues got fixed(some events still don't work properly, especially revealing suit variations).

Didn't make it:
- Main story progression: It's pretty funny, considering this was supposed to be a big main quest update, but here we are. The way that I approached main quest was wrong, so I cut almost all related events for now. I'll re-do at least part of them for the next update.
- Quest log: I was supposed to make a prototype this month, but it still has some issues that need to be worked out(mainly with old saves).
- New outfit for the pool. - Ran out of time. Will add it for the next update.
- New public request - Ran out of time.

+ New skills added for all 3 contracts.
+ New task for Stan added. - for revealing suit.
+ New Eve event added. - punishment event: visit her and leave without doing her task.
+ 2 exposure events added: Day time exposure event and supermarket night event(sunglasses and reduce shame III needed for both)
+ 4 classroom events added(3 for revealing suit). - for new device event need 100 lust.
+ Video Club event added.
+ Art Club event added for revealing suit.
+ Running home naked event expanded. - need park events completed for one of them.
+ Cheerleading event added. - after teaching them to drop their panties - visit them again.
+ Beach class trip event added(only 1 small event so far and a few items).
+ Gloryhole event added. - less than 25 sn required.
+ Small tutoring event added. - black suit and no underwear required.
+ Homeless man near Serena's house can finally be captured. - enslave I required.
+ New outfit available for diner dates - 2 new encounters added for it:
Old encounters are still there, new are not randomized - are dependent on underwear choice. - revealing suit is the new outfit for diner.
+ Aria apology event added


What's the Difference in RTP and Non?
RTP is the game with the runtime package included to run it. No RTP is the game without it and requires the VX Ace RTP to be installed to run the game.
If you have it installed, then you can use the No RTP link for a smaller download.

Version 1.05.3
Win Version
Download from uploaded.net (1012.04 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (1012.04 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (1012.04 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (1012.04 MB)

Download from florenfile.com (825.53 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (825.53 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (825.53 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (825.53 MB)

Version 0.99.3
Win Version
Download from uploaded.net (959.79 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (959.79 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (959.79 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (959.79 MB)

Main Quest Walkthrough (0.99)
Download from florenfile.com (2.93 KB)
Download from uploaded.net (2.93 KB)
Download from rapidgator.net (2.93 KB)
Download from k2s.cc (2.93 KB)

Version 0.95.2
Win Version
Download from uploaded.net (906.36 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (906.36 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (906.36 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (906.36 MB)

Download from uploaded.net (719.86 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (719.86 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (719.86 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (719.86 MB)

Version 0.92
Win Version
Download from florenfile.com (861.58 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (861.58 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (861.58 MB)


(r)nest 2d game school setting female protagonist corruption sci-fi

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