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Haremon Dev - Haremon - Version


Haremon Dev - Haremon - Version

Developer / Publisher: Haremon Dev
Tags: haremon dev, furry, visual novel, rpg, fantasy
Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
Haremon is a game about assembling a team of monstergirls and training them to fight evil... as well as seducing them along the way. There's also titties, so there's that!​

- Added the Witch's selfie CG and text
- Added the Holstaurus's selfie CG and text
- Added Confession scenes. When a Haremon's Affection reaches Crush (75%), she may text you and ask you to meet her in your bedroom, where she'll confess her love for you. If you accept her confession, she'll advance straight to 100% (Lover). Otherwise, her Affection will be capped at 99%. You can only have one Lover at a time, and the girl who you choose as your Lover gets various bonuses such as receiving unique items and texts, never refusing sex, and an all-new sex scene/CG (the first of which is coming soon!) If you turn down a confession, you can later select "I love you" from the bedroom menu when talking to the girl, which will make her your Lover (as long as her Affection is high enough). Being your Lover will also change a Haremon's dialogue in small but noticable ways.
- Added Scout Cards. When you leave a Haremon at the ranch to "Explore", her Scout Tile may appear in any dungeon you visit, giving you a short scene and a unique bonus when you activate it. A maximum of 3 of these tiles will be placed in a dungeon.
- Added tutorials (finally). These will pop up circumstantially (as long as you have Tutorials enabled in the Settings menu) and can also be accessed at will from the new Help app.
- NPCs now have naked and underwear layers, meaning they can now Strip in the bedroom, and the Mysterious Lens now works on them (except Scarlett, because reasons)
- Added a crafting system: you can ask Professor Laurel to craft items for you in the lab, either by selecting two items to combine, or by selecting a craftable item from a list of recipes you've unlocked.
- All choices are now under a time limit unless you play on Virgin difficulty.
- You can now select ANY question during Truth or Dare, instead of having to select one from a random list of 4.
- All Haremon and NPCs now have a Personality trait which modifies the amount of Affection they gain and lose. This can be checked on the Info screen of the Haremon app. This is mainly for balance reasons (to, for instance, make Miruku a lot easier to seduce, so you can get to some sex earlier in the game), but it's also a nice bit of flavor for the characters.
- Favorite Gifts and Hated Gifts are now "likes" and "dislikes". All gift types are now "things", too (e.g. "shiny things", "girly things", "fancy things"). Also, giving a loved/hated gift now correctly updates that information on the Notes screen.
- In battle, all techniques (Fight, Special, and Seduction) are now consolidated in the FIGHT menu. There is also now a HELP option, which opens up a list of tutorials you can read about various battle mechanics.
- To avoid an overabundance of money, guild Jobs now have a "First-time reward" and a "repeat reward". This means you'll get a much better reward the first time you complete a job, and a smaller reward each subsequent time you complete that same job. First-time rewards have also been nerfed.
- You can now change a Haremon's Dungeon Skill by talking to Scarlett at the Guild Hall. You can choose one randomly for a small Star Shard cost, or choose one from a list for a much higher cost. You can also now view a Haremon's current Dungeon Skill and Scout Card effect on her stat screen.
- Several new dungeon skills have been added (for a total of 15), and a few old ones have been tweaked to be more balanced
- Each girl now has a "favorite food" and a "favorite drink" that you can find out during Truth or Dare. (These are to be used in the upcoming Dating system.)
- Added an option in the Settings menu to disable miscellaneous text messages (sale updates, quest completion, etc.)
- You can now select which panties to give a girl in the "Soaked!" event, instead of a pair being taken randomly from your bag.
- Giving "hated" gifts no longer causes Affection loss
- Scarlett's Affection will now increase when you complete a Guild Job and when your Rank goes up
- NPCs, like Haremon, can now buy you gifts with money you've given them.
- Various bugfixes, tweaks, and minor additions

- Added "Friend"-level NPC texts
- Changes to the dungeon board: (1) Moving to a tile that's already been flipped will no longer end your turn or consume food. (2) Skipping your turn no longer consumes food. (3) These changes make food consumption less common, so the food counter now always starts at 10, and Rations now restore only 3 food. (4) Pressing C will now allow you to "Give up". This will instantly exit the dungeon, but by doing so, you'll trigger a Game Over (your party's affection will go down).
- Locations in town are now closed at night, corresponding with the times when the corresponding NPCs are "available"
- A girl will now send you an angry text if you invite her to your bedroom and then leave town without visiting her first.
- Changed the "simple" textbox to be simply a non-animated version of the "fancy" textbox. It should still run at a perfect framerate, but looks a lot nicer. This is also the default setting now.
- Increased the speed of "choice" animations, spinner animations, and all phone-related animations
- Increased the speed of card flipping and moving on the dungeon screen
- Fixed a bug where Scarlett would text you about quests that weren't active
- Fixed the "be safe, okay?", "one hit kill", and "private practice" quests not updating properly
- 100% affection now turns the affection gauge gold
- Added an indicator of "horny" status (the Affection gauge beats like a heartbeat)
- Added an Affection indicator on the Contact list
- Saving the game no longer closes the ePhone.
- Other extremely minor tweaks and bugfixes

This patch addresses the following issues:
- Fixed a crash when Delilah texts you about a girl's loneliness
- Fixed a crash in battle that could happen when an enemy lands a critical hit
- Fixed a crash in one of the Holstaurus's texts
- Fixed a couple of crashes on the Ranch deposit menu (I think.)
- The quantity arrows in the shop are now clickable
- Added a "guild quest complete" text
- Added a "new items on sale" text
- Typo fixes

CHANGELOG (0.8) -- JULY 28 [NOTE: changes marked with a * were suggested by players on Patreon or Discord!]
- Added the Monarch's sex scene and CG
- Added the Messaging app, which allows you to receive texts and obtain additional CGs from your Haremon and NPCs. While a Haremon is at the Ranch, she has a chance of sending you text messages. Some of these will be simple flirty interactions, but if her Affection is high enough, she may send you a naughty selfie. (NOTE: so far, only the Catgirl has her selfie CG implemented!) NPCs can text you as well, depending on their Affection. You can also select "Relax" at the ranch, which makes a Haremon twice as likely to text you, and nullifies loneliness.
- Added original music to all remaining areas (Witching Wood, Shimmering Caverns, Placid Plain, General Store, and Guild Hall)
- Edited Haremon sprites to have vaginas, as well as some pubic hair (which can be turned off in the Settings menu if you're not into that sort of thing)
- Updated all monsters with brand new art matching the style of the Haremon
- Overhauled the save system (yes, this unfortunately means your old saves are not compatible with this build): (1) When selecting Save Game, you can now choose to overwrite a save file or create a new one. (2) "Save and Quit" is now "Main Menu", which auto-saves your data and returns to the menu. (3) You can now select (in the Settings menu) how many autosaves to keep before overwriting old ones. The autosave with the highest number will always be the newest one. (4) Autosaves are now shared between saves, rather than each "profile" having their own set of autosave files, to reduce clutter. (5) .hdf files have been merged with .hsf files, so each save now consists of only one file, fixing a lot of issues with the old format. (6) Added a Continue option to the main menu, which loads your most recent save. (7) Added file previews to the load/save menu, including the player's name, Haremon count, total playtime, and the date/time the file was saved.
*- Added the Stance system in battle. This replaces the old button-mashing system, and allows you more control over each Haremon's Mood stats.
- Raising NPC affection now has more effects: Laurel will discount serum items, Delilah will improve the efficacy of ranch activities, and Scarlett will improve the reward money earned from Guild quests.
- Changed the way escaping from battle works. Now, selecting Escape causes your girls' icons to begin moving backwards on the Wait meter. When your entire party reaches the beginning of the meter, you successfully escape (this means that escaping is no longer luck-based)
*- Heavily tweaked adaptive difficulty, as well as capping enemy levels depending on biome, resulting in a far less punishing difficulty curve
*- You can now select "Sleep until evening" or "Sleep until morning" in the bedroom
*- You can now pause the game during battle (during the Wait and Selection phases) by pressing START/Enter
*- Added a "Give that back!" manipulation technique, allowing you to retrieve stolen items and money from monsters
*- You can now select targets in battle by mousing over their HUD portraits
- Various minor tweaks, additions, and bugfixes

Here's what's changed since last time:
- Added the Star Shard system. After each battle, you'll gain a number of Shards based on the stats of the enemies you defeated. These shards can be used (on the new Techniques page of the Haremon app) to level up your techniques, unlock new ones, and Upgrade techniques into more powerful ones (for example, Scratch can become Claw or Shred)
- Along with the addition of Star Shards, many new techniques have been added, with each Haremon getting at least one new move to learn.
- Added two new alternate outfits (Holstaurus and Monarch). Now all 6 current Haremon have an alternate outfit! In addition, the quests "When the Cows Come Home" and "Ipmish Antics" now reward you with a Golden Voucher, as do all 4 rank-up quests, so you can now obtain all outfits on the same playthrough.
- Added the Phone app. Whenever you meet a new NPC or Haremon, they'll be added to your Contacts. You can call a character in order to invite her to your room, allowing you to interact with NPCs and non-party Haremon in the bedroom (The "Call a Haremon" option in the bedroom has been removed). This means that you can now give gifts to NPCs. However, none of them have CGs yet, so they can't be bedded. The only real reason to raise their Affection at the moment is to increase the Shopkeeper's discount.
- Added a teaser scene where you can meet the new NPC, the Lady in Black. You can trigger this event by exploring the Caverns with the Catgirl in your party.
- Added elemental weaknesses, strengths, and resistances to all Haremon and monsters, affecting damage dealt to them by attacks
- Added a new guild rank with 10 new quests
- Added enemy healthbars and portraits. Scent-ed enemies will now display their healthbar, as well as their positions on the Mood Meter and the Wait bar, for the rest of battle. Using "Check" now shows their elemental weaknesses and strengths.
- Added a victory fanfare to winning a battle, to accompany the new Results screen
- Added music to the bedroom
- Changed when and how Ranch activities update, hopefully improving the process quite a bit. Doing things like questing, reaching an Exit tile, defeating monsters, and even getting a Game Over adds to the ranch's progress, and the success of each activity depends on the current progress level when you pick them up. Of course, this is all under the hood, but you can now check on ranch progress by calling Delilah on the Phone app.
- Monsters now have a level of adaptive difficulty; specifically, their stats and starting HP increase based on several factors, such as the number of Haremon you've tamed, the number of Haremon in your party, and the number of times you've levelled up/upgraded/unlocked techniques. This prevents battles from becoming too easy as you power your team up.
- One Handed Mode: you can now use the mouse to perform QTEs in battle. You can activate this setting on the Settings menu.
- Added clickable buttons to the VN textbox, allowing you to use skip, auto, log, and settings without using the keyboard
- Added a Battle Prompts option to the settings menu. This has three states: Off (no QTEs, but no extra damage), Slow (gives you more time to react, but less bonus damage), and Normal (the default setting). Note that this setting affects blocking as well, so turning it Off will result in your Haremon taking more damage from attacks.
- Added spinners to the "Tight Squeeze" event to prevent unavoidable Affection loss.
- Failing to Manipulate an enemy now increases the chance of that manipulation technique succeeding next time by 10% (this resets after battle)
- The monarch has been reduced in size to make her more fairy-like and to reduce the amount of space she takes up in battle
- You will receive extra Shards from battle if you are playing in Active mode.
- You can now change a girl's activity at the Ranch without withdrawing her
- Added a confirmation to skipping turns in the dungeon
- Added an option to use the "simple" textbox style, in case the fancy ones are causing lag
- Various minor tweaks, bugfixes, and crash fixes

- Added the imp's CG/sex scene
- Added three new alternate outfits. These are now obtained by exchanging Gold Vouchers at the General Store. These vouchers can be obtained from Rank Up quests at the Guild. At the moment, there are 3 vouchers available and 4 unlockable outfits, so choose carefully!
- Added Vouchers, which are items that are redeemable at the General Store. You can learn more about this feature by talking to Annie at the General Store.
- All items now have Rarity, denoted by the number of stars beneath their item portrait. Right now, the only effect of this is that higher-Rarity gifts are more effective at raising Affection.
- Added placeholder icons for all item types, because those question marks were starting to annoy me
- Added Tents. These items are used to begin the Camping event. The Camp tile has been removed.
- Attempting to initiate an unwinnable battle (trying to tame a Haremon without having any serum on-hand) now sends you back to town or the dungeon board, to save you from a necessary game-over
- Added context-sensitive tooltips to the Town menu in the form of your Haremon's "thoughts"
- Added 2 new ranks of guild jobs; completing a rank now rewards you with a Gold Voucher.
- Added helper text to many choices in the game.
- Added a Difficulty option at the beginning of the game, affecting the way Affection is gained/lost/displayed.
- Each girl now has a birthday, which you can learn through Truth or Dare; if you give a girl a gift on her birthday, it will be worth a lot more Affection.

- Added the Guild Hall, where you can pick up randomized side-quests. Complete these quests for extra money and items, including new outfits for your Haremon! (Only one "rank" is implemented so far. More ranks and more outfits are coming soon!)
- Added the holstaurus's sex scene and CG
- Created a brand-new save format. Saves will now be compatible across builds, and autosaves no longer crash the game.
- Added original music to the title screen, laboratory, town, shop, ranch, and intro scene, as well as totally remixing the battle music.
- Added a "Safe Mode" option in the settings menu. This mode censors all exposed breasts and genitals with heart icons. (Use this at your own risk, just in case I missed a tit or two.)
- Added a proper taming scene for the bunnygirl
- Changed the way the Monarch is obtained. You'll now need to activate the "Captivating Beauty" guild quest in order to have her join your party.
- During "Truth or Dare", you can now ask your girls questions in addition to them asking you. A chance spinner at the beginning of the event determines who gets to ask the question. Also added several new questions (and the first few few dares!) (This feature was requested by a patron, Dedan.)
- Added sound effects to the button prompts in battle, to make it more clear whether you've succeeded in the QTEs. (This feature was requested by a patron, Oblit.)
- You can now choose to gift a girl money in addition to items. She might even use this money to buy you something later! (This allows you to obtain items for a much lower cost, and even items you can't buy normally, but the item you'll get each time is random.)
- You can also now ask a girl to "give me a kiss" from the bedroom menu.
- Added an easter egg involving the shopkeeper...
- Various minor tweaks, additions, bugfixes, and stability improvements.

- Fixed crashing after battle due to girlMood[-1]
- Fixed a crash in the "Truth or Dare" event where certain girls weren't given any dialogue to show during a certain question.
- Fixed certain dungeon tiles being reactivated after landing on the Exit tile
- Added the artist of the newest CG to the credits screen

CHANGELOG (Alpha 0.4)

- Added a proper menu screen
- Added new monstergirl: the Monarch
- Added a new dungeon: the Placid Plain
- Finished the quest "Trial and Error". This quest involves taming both the Monarch and Bunnygirl, and helping the professor gather materials for a new type of serum.
- Added a new sex scene (finish "Trial and Error" to unlock)
- Autosave now saves in a different slot than manual saves. This way, if the game crashes, you can reload a previous, stable save.
- Added 3 "Scroll" items which can be found throughout the game. Each of these items can be used to permanently teach a certain Haremon a new move!
- When talking to a girl in the bedroom, you can ask a girl to strip. If she likes you enough, you can then apply "lotion" to her. You can purchase Lotion from the General Store. (Suggested by Way Wonder & Wanzer on Patreon)
- The "Speed" button in battle now speeds up attack animations as well as the Wait phase.
- Added several new dungeon events
- Added the Mysterious Lens. When activated, your Haremon's clothes will appear transparent in most situations.
- Added the Pussy Magnet. This item can be given as a gift in the bedroom, and guarantees the girl will say Yes if you ask to have sex with her afterwards, even if her Affection isn't very high. (Keep in mind that this won't work on girls whose sex scene isn't implemented yet!) You can currently obtain this item from the wishing well, as well as during a certain quest.
- Added "Rations" item; when used in a dungeon, these increase your current Food count by 5
- Added "Repellent" item, which reduces random encounter rate by 50% for the rest of the current dungeon level, and "Super Repellent", which removes random encounters altogether for the rest of the level. These can be purchased at the shop.
- Added a list of button prompts at the top of the screen when an attack is used, allowing you more time to prepare/react to prompts. Also rebalanced prompts and made some attacks slower to give more reaction time.
- Fixed a bug where the Ranch could duplicate/corrupt your Haremon
- Numerous minor additions, tweaks, and bugfixes


- Added a new monstergirl: the Bunnygirl. Her quest isn't ready yet, but right now you can catch her wandering around the Witching Wood once you've tamed the Imp.
- You can now use the Holstaurus Ranch to switch the girls currently held in your party
- Added the Witch's sex scene and CG.
- Added the General Store, where you can buy items
- Added the NILE app, where you can buy items from within a dungeon with a 50% price increase
- Added the option to "call a Haremon" from the bedroom menu. This allows you to either chat with them, give them a gift, or ask them to fuck. You can also use this feature to rename your Haremon.
- Changed the way sex is initiated. Before, the girl had to have 100 Affection in order to be asked to fuck; now, you may ask a girl to fuck at any time. This initiates a chance-based event where your odds of her saying "yes" are based on how high her Affection is. If her Affection is below 50%, she will always turn you down, but anything above 50% has a chance to initiate sex.
- Monsters now have a chance to drop items and money when defeated in battle
- Dungeons with no active quests now have an Exit tile which, when reached by all of your girls, allows you to leave the dungeon
- You can now run from battles with monsters
- Each Haremon and NPC's affection level is now displayed along the right side of the screen in VN scenes
- Added the item Ariadne's Thread, which can be used to instantly exit a dungeon
- Frozen targets now take double damage from Fire, and Burning targets take double damage from Ice; each removes the respective condition
- Locations with an active quest now show a "!" icon on the town menu and NAVIG8 menu
- Various minor tweaks, additions, and bugfixes

Changelog (0.2):


- Added new monstergirl: the Imp
- Added a new dungeon: the Shimmering Caverns
- Added 2 new quests: "Til the Cows Come Home" and "Impish Antics"
- Added random encounters in dungeons; these occur every few turns and begin a battle with one or more Monsters. Battles can also be triggered by your decisions in certain events, so be careful!
- Added the "Relationship" card, which initiates a scene where one of your Haremon will play a game of Truth or Dare with you (only the Truths are implemented right now)
- Added saving and autosaving*; the game will automatically save at the beginning of each scene, when entering town, and at the beginning of each turn in the dungeon. You can save manually from the ePhone menu.
- Implemented the Items app, where you can use and equip items from your ePhone - Added a History option to VN scenes

Tweaks / Minor Additions:

- You can now shift the order of girls in your party from the Haremon app
- Nearly every spinner now has better odds, and some spinners have been removed entirely; leading to a less punishing experience
- You can now "nudge" spinners clockwise and counter-clockwise by tapping the shoulder buttons (A and F if using a keyboard), giving you some control over chance-based events
- The amount of food you start each dungeon with is now increased based on the number of Haremon in your party - Your current Money is now displayed on the main screen of the ePhone
- The dungeon screen now displays a key showing what each color of card represents
- You can now choose to skip a turn on the dungeon screen
- Added an FXAA option in the Settings menu (This is off by default. There are currently a few graphical bugs that result from turning it on, so I wouldn't recommend using it just yet)
- Skip mode no longer waits for actors' animations to finish before skipping a line
- Being Frozen in battle now slows down the girl's WAIT speed by 25%. There is an Antifreeze item that can be used to heal a girl's Frozen status.
- Removed the Trap tile; instead, Trap is now a possible event on 0-star Event cards
- Added an option to disable text effects
- Added an option to replace Japanese words (e.g. "senpai", "seifuku") with English equivalents - Various minor tweaks and additions


- Fast-forwarding in battle works correctly now
- Fixed (I think??) the "Win32 function failed" errors that sometimes occurred when entering battle
- Various minor bugfixes

*A few notes about the save system:
- The saves are currently version-specific; in other words, any saved games you create with this version will not be playable in any future builds or patches. I'm going to write a more robust save system in the next few weeks, but saves will still probably not be transferable to each new monthly build. This is because a lot of new features are added in each build, so the format of the save data changes a lot between builds, making old saves incompatible with new versions of the game. This is a common side effect of early-access games, and I hope it's not too much of an inconvenience.

Other notes:
- Some of the content added in this update is placeholder. I didn't have time to write as much dialogue as I wanted to, so some of the scenes involved in the new quests are lackluster at the moment. They'll be improved later.

Patch notes (0.2.2):

- Serum now appears on the holstaurus and imp's bodies when it's used on them
- Added Active battle mode (the battle won't pause when you're selecting an action). This mode may still have some associated bugs, so use at your own risk!
- Implemented the unique effects of all currently implemented panties
- Being Burned now makes a girl's clothes burn off, one piece per turn, and being Poisoned now damages a girl's HP at the beginning of each turn
- Added the option to delete a save file from the Load Game menu
- Added a setting to choose whether or not to continue skipping text after making a choice (by default, this is off)
- Added mouse support for the battle menu
- Most items are now usable in battle
- The battle camera can now be controlled with the keyboard
- Added an option for fullscreen display in the Settings menu
- The GUI now scales properly when the window is resized
- Audio options now properly affect volume
- You can now access the Settings menu from a VN scene
- Several crash fixes
- Many minor bugfixes and tweaks


Win Version
Download from florenfile.com (832.60 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (832.60 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (832.60 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (832.60 MB)


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