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Pinoytoons - Rogue Courier - Version 2.06.05


Pinoytoons - Rogue Courier - Version 2.06.05

Developer / Publisher: Pinoytoons
Tags: pinoytoons, flash game, rpg, action, animation, sexy girls, big tits, beautiful ass, all sex, blowjob, titsjob, hardcore sex, seduction, romance, monsters
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 2.06.05
OS: Win/Mac
Size: In Download.
Rogue Courier is a space adventure game in-partnership with with pink cookie games.
The game takes place in a far away galaxy . and you will get play as a courier . you get to go to a lot of places . meeting a lot of characters to interact . manage your crew , exploit your resources. lots of fun is to be developed.

260 years ago in Aeolian timeframe, the biggest spacial glitch took place which created a portal. Foreigners from another universe invaded, and a great battle begun called “Aeolian war”. An alliance was made by
all the galaxies to draw out the invaders. They created the UAA and was victorious .survivors from the war was given ownership to any heavenly body they choose as a reward. They then been called as “counts” and “countess”

To maintain law and order in the cosmos. Lowest ranked nobles such as counts/countess are still bound to pay taxes of their properties. Those that cannot afford to pay however, are free to perform deeds as payment.
Private companies are then created to organize these services.

The euphoria is on a journey to rukkian territory. Suddenly a squad of draconian fighters shows up and attacked the convoy. A fierce battle took place and eventually the cargo ship survived. Kouia, the pilot of
the ship euphoria , then found out that he was carrying a stolen item. What surprised him more , is that the item was actually a hybrid humanoid. It was a stunningly charming lady, with the top notch space navigation skills. On the other hand, the SOCC, employer of Kouia denies the events and blacklisted the euphoria. Making count Kouia as a “rogue courier”​

-When you fought Red Beard then Emoru after, Emuru’s name on his life bar wasn’t being updated.
-Was possible to exit Emoru’s first form fight then you could not trigger the fight event again resulting in a softlock.
-Fixed a bug in which if you gained too many levels and defeated Emoru’s second form the game would softlock.
-Picture Gallery wasn’t being unlocked after you visualized the pictures.
-Space Shooter tutorial was being incorrectly shown on every new area in the game.
-After the fight wtih Drako Mech boss in space shooter, the portal was in a hostile tile, it was changed to a neutral tile to avoid issues.
-Some updates with Episode 3 new features were incorrectly rolled out with this update, causing some issues.

-A New Silver-Tier Poster Added!
-Added a graphic for each item you can collect.
-Fixed a major bug with inventory that was messing up the inventory sorting.
-Fixed a bug when left clicking on a dialogue or shop priority would be higher than clicking on menu buttons

-2 New Posters Added!
-Changed Glitch Portal behavior. Now it doesn’t disappear anymore if you enter a battle and it persists on the location you summoned even if you save and load your game.
-Removed hostile screen confirmation for battle, now it just jumps straight into the battle.
-Changed damage math on the space shooter. (Partly for a necessety of the new changes coming on Episode 3)
-Fixed a bug on Tatari channel that didn’t allowed the player to save the game.
-Corrected various issues regarding save files.
-Corrected a gallery bug, that after a sex scene in-game it would incorrectly return to gallery instead of continuing the game.
-Corrected a major bug that could softlock the game when you first meet the minders on Kolon Daral.


Download from uploaded.net (188.04 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (188.04 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (188.04 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (188.04 MB)

Download from uploaded.net (200.90 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (200.90 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (200.90 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (200.90 MB)

All files
Download from florenfile.com (388.94 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (388.94 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (388.94 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (388.94 MB)


pinoytoons flash game rpg action animation sexy girls big tits beautiful ass all sex blowjob titsjob hardcore sex seduction romance monsters

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