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Red Hook Studios - Darkest Sex Dungeon: The Color of Madness - Version 24149


Red Hook Studios - Darkest Sex Dungeon: The Color of Madness - Version 24149

Developer / Publisher: Red Hook Studios
Tags: red hook studios, rpg, strategy, monsters, zombie, rape, guro, tentacles, bdsm, corruption, fantasy,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng / Rus
Version: 24149
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
System requirements (minimum):
OS (system): Windows XP / 7/10
CPU (processor): 2 Ghz
RAM (memory): 2 GB of RAM
VRAM (video): Open GL 3.2+
HDD (volume): 11 GB
DirectX: Versions 9-11

Installation order:
Unzip the Darkest Sex Dungeon archive and then run Darkest Sex Dungeon \ _windowsnosteam \ Darkest.exe

Description: Another my mod on my favorite strategy game Darkest Dungeon. As usual I collected all the sex fashion that I could find and also changed the game files inside. Added a bunch of female skins for all the characters well and a few from Bloodborne. Replaced all pictures of the events well, and in the city all the townsfolk became naked girls. There are DLC Crimson Court as well as Schitol and the Saber. Increased the number of backdrops and their variety. The compilation is collected according to the fan and is not a hentai game but just a sex variation of a good game for those not acquainted with it.

Extras. The information: In the collection there are mods which add new characters and simplify the game:
7 Combat Skills - allows you to select all 7 character skills simultaneously
Inventory Expansion - increases bag twice
Unique Items - New Artifacts

First update:
1. Fixed white skins on additional characters.
2. Were transferred the fashion Dark Desire, Army of Skeletons, Kraken, House full of Pigs, Unique things, Obsessed and Yandere. Librarian, Offering, Omen, Shrapnel, Tifa, Tusk were not translated because of laziness.
3. Fashion is redesigned Dark desire for new camp abilities and quirks (Necrophilia, Zoophilia). As a bonus, new replicas were added for the characters of Obsessed and Yandere using their camp skills.
4. There were more options for appearance for the Forge, Guild, Hospital, Ranger, Glasha and Statues. There is an option in clothes and with tentacles. It is worth choosing one option from the proposed.
5. Fixed 7 combat skill and now you can add 7 skills to all additional characters.
6. Added the LoadScreens Standart mod for older boot screens. For more epic boot screens, the LoadScreens Epic mod was added. Include one of them.
7. The Unique Items mod has been translated and additional artifacts from the Collector's heads, Clair collection and Cursed items have been added to it. Since the Expanded Inventory mod, which doubles the inventory, does not reduce new items, an alternative Inventory Expanded Lite was added, which does not increase inventory by a factor of two but only by a third. It also increases the number of wearable artifacts from two to three, and it looks more nice with new items even though they go beyond the slot, but not as much as with Expanded Inventory.
8. Added characters Arachnids, Seraphim, Sokolnitsa, Dark Spirit, Dragon Slayer, Crossbowman of the Order, Combat Slave, Musketeer with translation into Russian. They added a translation into Russian Daugheter of the second (Yandere) and Hollow (Obsessed) made by me. To them, without translation, Librarian and Omen Seeker.
9. A Berserker armor is added to the character of Yandere.
10. Added new monsters to the Crypt and Reserve area. They require testing to check if they overlap with new monsters in a complex dungeon.
11. The new boss of Kraken in the bay which rapes the girls with their tentacles.
12. Added the No More Hunger mod, where the team will no longer starve during the hike.
13. The limit of hired characters is increased by two.
14. The client is rebooted with the addition of the ability to play on Steam save. Just returned the old English voice acting.
15. Fashion Darkest Desire, 7 Combat Skill, Inventory should stand above all so that there are no conflicts.
16. As an experiment to the statues in the city where scraps are scanned and played inside the game rollers, new video clips plus one Tentacle video are closed until the necromancer is killed on 1 difficulty level. In the future I want to make a gallery from this section where after killing bosses you can watch hentai videos and watch pictures instead of scraps (finally it will be meaningful to collect them in dungeons).

The second update:
1. The distribution was transferred to the original version because during the experiments the game often took off and was not compatible with the steam save. All original customer changes are added to the fashion.
2. Russian voice acting is left in the game, but since the sound can not be downloaded through the mods, you need to extract the file Rus \ audio \ base.app.load_order.json to the audio folder with the replacement of the file in order to announce the Russian voice acting.
3. Added a new Hentai Video I made, which when killing bosses will show hentai clips and in the statue menu they will be unlocked for re-viewing.
4. Inventory Expansion Lite is rid of all bugs and all new items are now normal size. A large version of Inventory Expansion was removed because I did not want to fix it and the icons were too small.
5. In all 7 Combat Skills Equipable removed restrictions on admission to the team and geek, a dark spirit, and arachnids can join a team with religious characters.
6. Added a new mode of the game the last of us at which the new hero does not come to the city, but gives all the characters in the singular. If all the heroes die, then the game will end. The hero can be resurrected for 30,000 gold after a ritual in the monastery. With the mod all hero to the standard heroes join all the hero from this collection that is a good opportunity to test them.
7. New sexy skins for the monastery and their tentacle counterparts.
8. Three new heroes of Tzundere, Loli and Fife, added to Yandera, who all come together on the event. Tzundere tank with semi-bow and mechanics, not allowing it to hit the same target twice. Fayfu Healer who does not deal damage, but buffs himself for damage, which can be thrown to the ally and the ability to control the enemy's progress. Loli is a support master with the strongest camp skills and who has spare firewood. Loli's skills are sharpened against certain enemies and you can assign them yourself.
9. The new divine elixir mod that gives an elixir that cures a scarlet curse for 10,000 gold.
10. Kindest dungeon allows you to meet another group of adventurers in the dungeon for communication.
11. Larger Roster Level 5 Hero increases the number of hired characters and allows you to improve the stagecoach for the arrival of heroes of level 5.
12. New boot screens from different authors.
13. More Stuck allows you to add all the same things in one slot.
14. Autosaving Journals logs are now saved when read and do not have to be left after the mission.
15. Town Event Hentai changes pictures in city events.
16. No More Hunge removed because it did not work.

Additional Characters:

Tifa - Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 which increases damage with decreasing HP

Fawn - A flap girl sewn from different pieces with a powerful attack

Hollow - Obsessed with the ghosts of a healer who nevertheless imposes darkness and stress on each one

Hood - Shlyushka the usual girl with a chaotic movement and a bonus of collecting loot in the form of mushrooms

Offering - Victim of a tank in BDSM attire with a flying heart on a chain

Shrapnel - Shards Transforming Girl with Limited Stock of Ammo

Tusk - Tusk control and damage berserk

Twilight Knight - Dusk Knight tank with self stress heal

Lamia - Witch healer and support with the ability to turn into a monster


Win Version
Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness - (7 x 1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part1.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part2.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part3.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part4.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part5.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part6.rar from florenfile.com (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part7.rar from florenfile.com (1.08 GB)
Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness - (7 x 1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part1.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part2.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part3.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part4.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part5.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part6.rar from k2s.cc (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part7.rar from k2s.cc (1.08 GB)
Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness - (7 x 1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part1.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part2.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part3.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part4.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part5.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part6.rar from rapidgator.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part7.rar from rapidgator.net (1.08 GB)
Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness - (7 x 1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part1.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part2.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part3.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part4.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part5.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part6.rar from uploaded.net (1.95 GB)
Download Darkest_Sex_Dungeon_The_Color_of_Madness.part7.rar from uploaded.net (1.08 GB)


red hook studios rpg strategy monsters zombie rape guro tentacles bdsm corruption fantasy

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