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GeeSeki - A Town Uncovered - Version 0.22b + Incest Patch


GeeSeki - A Town Uncovered - Version 0.22b + Incest Patch

Developer / Publisher: GeeSeki
Tags: geeseki, ren'py, visual novel, interactive, male protagonist, big tits, big ass, all sex, family sex, milf, incest,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.22b + Incest Patch
OS: Win/Mac/Linux
Size: In Download.
A Town Uncovered is a NSFW Adult Visual Novel created by a one man team. The story, art, and programming are all done by me but community contribution is definitely encouraged heavily. You play a senior high school student who just moved into a new town, but straightaway, you have a feeling that it's not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that's causing the locals to disappear and act strangely. It's not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted your way. Though trouble isn't the only thing that's going to be attracted to you.

Cheatcode0.22b: "mozziefly"
Cheat Code 0.21a: "gunslinger"
Cheat Code 0.20b: "wordedpipe"
Cheat Code 0.18c: "staticfour"

Alpha 0.22a - The Shooting Star Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Jane Story Progression
+Added Jane-story related job at the Adult Store
+Added Character Button for Zariah in the School Hallway
+Added Character Button for Luna in the School Hallway and the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Yard
+Added Character Button for Edward in the School Yard
+Added Point Reward and Loss when Attacking Dad when Destroying the Fort
+Disabled Ability to Play Cards in the Comic Book Store during Main Story
+Fixed Undefined Variable Error during Effie’s Milkshake Date
+Fixed Crash when choosing ‘Continue’ in Fort BJ Scene
+Fixed Jane’s Objective so that meeting her at night is accurately instructed
+Fixed Entering Camgurl Username Bug
+Fixed Time and Day continuity after spending a night with Miss Allaway
+Fixed Dream Sequence Transitions
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced upstairs to meet Jack and Miss Lashley at School
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced in the Living Room after coming back from the Police Station
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in her Bedroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Bathroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Beach Change Rooms even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jacob is standing in the halls when he’s meant to be in the middle of class
+Fixed Continuity Error where Violette is in the Beach Change Rooms in the Sex World
+Updated the Text Trigger so that it would only trigger after a certain date of the month
+Updated School Yard Background Coloration and Student Placement
+New Student Characters have unfinished Throwaway Dialogue
-Some Student Character Buttons are not Implemented
Alpha 0.22b
+Fixed Sister Story Trigger
+Fixed Stacking Character Sprites at the Beginning
+Disabled Developer Mode

Alpha 0.21a - The Rebuilding Update
+Jane Story Progress
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added a ‘Set Character Name to Default Name’ Option when Naming Characters
+Added Shocked Sprites for Miss Lashley
+Added Sprites for 2 Existing Characters (Xina, Vi)
+Added Shocked Sprites for Miss Allaway in Front of Class
+Added Force Enable Map Button on Phone without a Cheat Code Requirement
+Added CG Art for Main Story Scenes
+Added Option to Leave Effie’s House or Continue having Sex to Trigger Post Sex Scene
+Added Changelog and Time Travel (Bug Fix Fail Safe) to the Desk PC
+Added a ‘How to Fix a Computer’ Option for Learning a Skill as part of Missus’ Story Trigger
+Added CG Art for Trapped with Allaway Scene
+Added Additional Information when Trying to get into Missus' Room in her Storyline when needing to have 9 or more points (now 8 points)
+Updated and Improved Sibling in Jail CG Art
+Updated Miss Lashley’s Sprites
+Updated the Calendar so that the Current Date is better annotated
+Updated the PC Interface and the Features
+Updated and Lowered the Point Requirement for Missus' ‘Eating Out’ Scene From 9+ to 8+ Required
+Updated the Smart TV Box Item so it says ‘Smart TV’ on the box
+Fixed Bug that Forces you to the Main Menu in the Main Story
+Fixed Bug with Skill Points and Skill Max Limit
+Fixed Repeating Effie talks about Jane outside of School Scene
+Fixed Repeating Dialogue Lines
+Fixed Incorrect Sprites
+Fixed Missus' Side Story Triggering in the Sex World Bug
+Fixed Trigger Bug with Miss Allaway’s Story and the Main Story Intercepting in the classroom, school bathroom, and cafeteria
+Disabled Map After Beating Brock to Funnel the Player through the Story Trigger
+Optimized the Town Map
-PC Features aren’t yet working (Trash Bin, Gallery)
-New Student Characters don’t have proper buttons
-Missing Jane Story Scenes and Sprites
-Jane still appears around the House even when she’s not supposed to
-Added 4 New Character (Eloise (can’t meet yet), Effie’s Dad, Jacob’s Dad, Jacob’s Step Mom) but are not coded in yet

Alpha 0.20b/0.20a_Patch
-Fixed a trigger bug for bumping into Jacob and Effie at the front of school in the Main Story
-Fixed a trigger bug for meeting with Miss Lashley in her office in the Main Story

Alpha 0.20a - The Townsville Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+New Writer on the Team
+Main Story Progression
+Converted Some Dialogue to Fit with Patreon’s Guidelines
+Reworded the archive so that small file replacement hot fixes are possible
+Added 8 New Characters (6 Females & 2 Males)
+Added Disclaimer when trying to load old save files
+Added Age Restriction Disclaimer in the splashs creen
+Added Pulsing Effect to Speaking Characters
+Added Lip-syncing Images to the Camgurl Confession Scene
+Added Additional Dialogue to Funnel the Player to check the 2nd Floor of the School
+Added Throwaway Line for Miss Allaway in the Side Story
+Added 3 Throwaway Lines each for 4 of the new characters
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Miss Lashley
+Updated the Dialogue Box so Text with no Characters assigned to it will not have a name box
+Updated Movie Genres from Mystery and Test Screening to Sci-fi and Indie Arthouse (no added content)
+Updated and Improved Alanna’s and Hitomi’s sprites
+Updated the Choice Menu Boxes
+Fixed Bug during 20Q Scene where it refers to Jane as the wrong thing
+Fixed Bug during 69 Scene where the result of you winning or losing is switched
+Fixed Minor Bug during Argument with Missus in the bedroom where it sets a trigger to go back 3 chapters instead of reducing 3 relationship points
+Fixed Stamina and Strength Max Limit Bar
+Fixed Incorrect Frame during Miss Allaway Cafe Date Scene
+Fixed Incorrect Violette Sprite Position
+Fixed Background when Jane wakes up late
-Throwaway Lines are absent for 4 of the new characters
-Miss Allaway and Lashley’s ‘Shocked’ Sprite isn’t implemented
-Multiple Scenes not rendered
-New Characters don’t have proper individual interactive buttons
-You can enter the basement through the Main Story without having progressed Jane’s Story far enough

+Grammar and Spelling Error
+Added Point Increase when you tell Missus that she doesn’t owe you anything for the Smart TV Box
+Fixed Bug during the Softcore H-scene when Trapped with Miss Allaway
+Fixed Bug where Beach in the Sexworld is still occupied with people when you visit before going to school
+Fixed Amount that Missus pays you back for the Smart TV Box
+Fixed ‘fbpwmag’ bug when Missus visits you at night for some fun while you sleep.
+Fixed Trigger for when you talk to Missus in the hallway about her eye looking healed.
+Fixed Naming for the porno title on Missus’ PC
+Fixed Naming for the text that you get from Jane in the school hallway
Alpha 0.18c
+Added Shocked Sprites for Violette
+Replaced ‘Sis’ button in the Living Room with ‘Jane’
+Fixed Bug that sent you to Jane's H-scene in the Box Fort from Effie’s H-scene
+Fixed Sprite Placement of Sister when confronting her in the Living Room

Alpha 0.18a - The Closer Update
+Miss Allaway Story Progression
+Jane Story Progression
+Added and updated onto the fight between the Missus and MC after seeing the parents in the livingroom at night
+Added Throwaway Chat with Violette
+Added Customer to the Adult Store
+Added Students in Hallway 2 of the School
+Added Students in the Cafeteria Button in Hallway 2 of the School
+Added Outing Outfit for Miss Allaway
+Added Art Asset for Allaway at the Cafe Date Scene
+Added Missus paying you back for the Smart TV Box
+Added Missus Romance Dream Sequence
+Added Jane paying you back for her Phone Bill
+Improved Effie’s Mutual Masturbation Scene
+Improved Effie’s Missionary Scene
-Jane button in the Living Room not yet created (Shit, I just realized that I named it with the 'S' name)
-Jane additional scene in the fort doesn’t have lip syncing
-Violette doesn’t have shocked sprites

Alpha 0.18b - The Closer Update
+Added preset-load for Alpha 0.17
+Fixed ‘trustandsafety_shield’ bug
+Fixed Sister’s trigger to continue on with the story

+Disabled Developer Mode
+Compressed the New Scenes
+Some Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added Crugeon Shocked Sprite
+Added Lord Kevlamin Shocked Sprite
+Added Lip Sync to Mom during the Action Dream Sequence
+Added Lip Sync to the Sister scene before the basement kiss and after the 20q sequence
+Added Conversation Lines to Effie and Jacob’s Cafe and Comic Book Store Invitation
+Changed dialogue option with Miss Allaway about having sex with Effie to ‘staying over’
+Changed Effie’s text trigger so you have to meet certain characters around town first
+Fixed Mom’s conversation about your job before you get a job
+Fixed Bug where you can run across Miss Lashley behind the rocks before you formally met her.
+Fixed Jacob Sprite location when meeting the Role Players
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Lord Kev’s Throwaway Chat
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Conversation with Mom and Sister about getting a job
+Fixed Bug with Jacob’s Throwaway Chat in the Comic Book Store
+Fixed Bug where Parents are in their room and in the living room at the same time
+Fixed Popup Notification Text when dad counter-tackles you with a reason as to you ‘losing’ points rather than ‘using’ points
+Fixed Bug where Effie is on the Park Bench at night in the Sex World
+Fixed Bug where after Mom gives you a handy in bed and you cum, it takes you to your bedroom at night instead of the next morning
+Fixed Bug where Grundle Sam just says ‘stuff’ when you talk to him instead of having chat options
+Fixed Bug where Dad is still at home on the weekend when he’s supposed to be out of town
+Fixed Incorrect Dialogue with Mom’s Anal Scene at the Desk
+Fixed Bug where during the 20Q with Sister, it occasionally says ‘qc’
+Fixed and Improved Kiss Rejection after 20Q with Sister
+Fixed bug so that Mom isn’t in the living room when you’re supposed to meeting Sister in the basement
+Fixed bug where if you choose not to stay with Sister in the box fort, the phone objectives says ‘Head upstairs’
+Fixed bug where you can visit the cinema location when you’re meant to head straight to school in the Sex World
+Fixed bug where Grundle Sam’s store isn’t accessible in the sex world
+Fixed bug where Mom is in other parts of the house when she’s supposed to be in her room flicking the bean
+Fixed Timing with Notifications after meeting dad in the first morning
No changelog

No changelog
+Spelling and Typo Fixes and Dialogue Improvements/ Changes
+Added a ‘Fail-Safe’ feature that allows you to skip over a blockade or errors in the game
+Added IceCream’py Counter when checking on Alanna about the Job
+Added Shaking Effects
+Added Minor Throwaway Lines to fit the mood of the Miss Allaway
+Added Carpet to Mom Cuddling Scene in the Living Room
+Added Outcome for when you don’t have enough money during the first camgurl stream
+Improved Visibility of the Paper in Sister’s Room
+Fixed Trigger so Sister doesn’t show up in the Hallway after being Scolded by Mom
+Fixed Trigger that allows you to skip nights with Mom without her feeling mad
+Fixed Trigger about the conversation that you have with Mom about her Healed Eye
+Fixed Trigger Bug that doesn’t allow you to learn how to pick a lock
+Fixed Infinite Loop outside the Cafe at night
+Fixed Zoom in on the Hospital at Night at the Start
+Fixed Some Notification Popups
+Fixed Some Transitions
+Fixed Bug where Mom is in the Bath when you just got out after watching Sister’s Stream
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Locked Sister’s Bedroom in the Afternoon on a Wednesday to fit with the story

+Sister Progress
+General Code Restructuring
+General Fix of Mom’s Story Trigger Points
+General Font, Spelling and Grammar fixes
+Added New Location
+Added Incest Porno with Mom Scene
+Added Anal Missionary Scene in Mom’s H-scene
+Added Anal Bent Over Scene in Mom’s H-scene
+Added Mom Movie Date Handjob Scenes
+Added Mom Movie BJ Scenes
+Added Mom Midnight Magazine-Triggered Grinding Scene
+Added a Research Section for Story Progressing Purposes
+Added Proper Transition Conversations based on outcome after Mom’s Dinner Date
+Added a ‘Next Week’ option for Effie’s Text to Meet at the Park
+Improved Notification at the end of Mom’s Dinner Date
+Improved Mom Objective about ‘Waiting till Friday’
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Fixed Trigger points for Mom Watching Porno Scene
+Fixed Temporary Mom Trigger to Revisit the Home Run Scene
+Fixed Shopping feature so that items can only be bought once
-Missing Art include: Dreams about Mom

+Fixed Navigation to the Hospital
+Fixed Infinite loops in Gloryhole Scenes
+Fixed Miss Allaway Cafeteria Trigger
+Fixed Mom giving head in the middle of the night trigger
+Fixed Bug of mompastsunset_attend not being defined
+Fixed Bug that disabled a temporary fix to allow revisiting Mom’s Home Run Scene
+Disabled Violette talking to you in the sex world about undressing
+Planned out “Random Encounters” in a Calendar System instead of RNG

+Fixed Loop Bug at the Park with Mom
+Fixed Bug where Sister appears at the very start of the game
+Fixed Navigation Bug with the Alleyway
+Other Related Trigger Fixes
+Typography Fixes

+General Code Restructuring
+Added Mom Side Story Progress
+Added Option to start a new game or load a preset state to mimic the end of a previous version
+Added Calander in Bedroom
+Added Year System
+Added Money Cheat to Bag accessible with Cheat Code
+Added CG Scene for Conversation with Sister in her Bedroom
+Added CG Scene when giving Mom a Strip Tease
+Added 2 Locations (Hospital, Street Alleyway)
+Added Sexworld Versions of 2 Locations (Mall and Retail Store)
+Added Sexworld Interaction with Janae
+Added Laptop Background
+Added Notification to funnel the player into triggering the conversation about getting a job
+Added Dog to pet at the park
+Added Additional Violette Interaction where she tells you off for going behind the rocks while still clothed
+Updated Town Map
+Changed Sister’s Camgirl Username from Plushibun2 to LittleBowPeep
+Changed time to be set to afternoon after getting a camgurl text from Sister
+Disabled Map in the School Gym at night to funnel the player to trigger Miss Allaway’s story
+Disabled Ability to buy another Antivirus after using it to fix Mom’s PC
+Fixed Hyperspeed bug with Skinny Dipping H-scene
+Fixed Logic Bug where Jacob’s Random Encounter in the school hallway can happen after he says he’ll go meet Hitomi in the schoolyard
+Fixed Logic Bug where you can sit with Miss Allaway at the Cafeteria in the Sex World
+Fixed Logic Bug where Jacob talks to you about the magazine in the Sex World
+Fixed Bug where you can wait for Mom in the Living Room in the Sex World to watch TV
+Fixed Bug where you can have the Bath with Mom conversation again when you refuse to masturbate with her
+Fixed Bug where Skill Leveling doesn’t Reset after Sleeping with Mom after the fight with Dad.
+Fixed Bug where you can zoom into the Police Station at the start of the game
+Fixed Bug where you can visit the Office and Police Station on the first day of school
+Fixed Bug where you can see Sister behind Jacob’s Sprite in the Schoolyard scene
+Fixed Bug where it shows that you lost $500 whether you had that much money or not
+Fixed Bug where talking to Brock in the Cafe twice in a row is both like a first interaction
+Fixed Funneling System so that you can’t go to the Garden after your night with Effie
+Fixed Navigation Bug where clicking on the Blue Roofed House goes to Effie’s House
-Missing Art include: Mom Scenes at the movies, Mom watching Porn, Dreams about Mom, Homerun Anal Scenes with Mom
-Nothing is actually scheduled to the calendar system yet

+Fixed Mom’s H-scene Speed
+Fixed Choice box size to fit longer text
+Minor code and naming convention fixes in the files

+Added Jacob and MC sprites in conversation in the schoolyard after sister’s conversation
+Added Note about missing CG scene in Sister’s Bedroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop in the bedroom during the day that is related to mom’s side story
+Fixed Map not showing up in the sex world at night
+Fixed Spelling Errors
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Effie outside.
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Mom in the livingroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to sit with Miss Allaway in the cafeteria
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite placement during Conversation with Sister in the Schoolyard
-Mom’s H-scene’s pace is strangely at hyper speed? For some people?
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art not present when talking to her in her room at night

+Added Music During When going to the kitchen for the first time in the morning
+Added ability to replay Mom's H-scene in the bedroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the hallway and livingroom on a Tuesday
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the bedroom in the morning after talking to mom after cuddle scene
+Fixed Error with Mall Navigation
+Fixed Town Roaming Music so it loops correctly
+Fixed bug during chat with sister about borrowing money involving the luck skill
+Fixed Endless loop with Lillian in the Gloryhole scene at the beach
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night

+Fixed Game Crashing Error in Effie’s Room and House
+Fixed Game Crashing Error when leaving voyeurism scenes in the bathroom
+Fixed Game Music so that the town music doesn’t repeat whenever the townmap is clicked
+Fixed Game Breaking Bug where conversation with mom about getting a job doesn’t happen
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night

+Code Restructuring and Optimization
+Added Homerun with Mom
+Added Sister Side Story Progress
+Added Miss Allaway Side Story Progress
+Added 7 Tracks of Music/Textures
+Added Random Title Screen Feature
+Added Clothing Retail Section
+Added Choice to Go to Bedroom or Front of house from Map
+Added 6.5 Locations ( Jacob’s House, Office, Police Station, Principal’s Office, Male and Female School Bathrooms, Mall Outside at Night)
+Improved and Updated the Skill System so it doesn’t use RNG and it doubles points you gain and lose if you’re not at a high enough level
+Improved and Updated Dialogue Box
+Improved and Updated Choice Menu Box
+Improved and Updated Notification Box
+Improved and Updated A Town Uncovered Logo
+Improved Art for Effie Milkshake Date
+Fixed Hitomi not appearing at the beach
+Fixed Bill preview during Dinner Date
+Fixed Game crashing when visiting the Cinema at Night
+Fixed some incorrect sprites in conversations
+Fixed the Dining Room mowed grass exterior in the window
+Fixed Bill Reaction in Mom’s Dinner Date scene
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-The Town Music restarts whenever you click on the Map

+Code Restructuring and Optimization
+Added Mom Progression
+Added 2 Minor Characters (Usher and Waiter)
+Added 3 New Sprites (Formal MC, Formal Mom, and Casual Mom)
+Added 4 Locations (Frontyard, Backyard, Dining Room, Cinema)
+Added 9 Quest Items
+Added Toggle-able Store Counters
+Added Retail Store Customers
+Added Another Retail Store Section
+Added Crowd to the Street at night
+Added 3 Changeroom Gloryhole Attendees
+Added 1 Character Event Behind the Rocks
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Girl at the Door Scene
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Mom Fallen Asleep Scene
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Save Mom from Dad Scene
+Added New Team Members in Credits
+Improved Gloryhole BJ Length
+Improved 2 Locations (Sister’s Room & Living Room)
+Improved Brock’s Sprite
+Improved Wake Up Sister Scene
+Improved Bathroom Voyeur Scenes
+Fixed Living Room button in Kitchen to match updated Living Room
+Fixed Fence and Sky colours outside the Kitchen Window to match the backyard
+Fixed some Grammar and Spelling
+33,885 words
-Mother Dinner Scene’s CG is not complete
-Clothing Area of Retail Store not added
-Achievements Phone Tab not working


+Added Main Story Progression
+Added Mom Side Story Progression
+Added 2 New Characters (One unnamed)
+Added 3 Gloryhole Participants
+Added 3 Changeroom Participants
+Added Locations (School Cafeteria)
+Added Jack Bumping into MC Scene
+Added Functional Objectives Tab in the phone for Main story and Side story
+Added Xray Option
+Added Xray and Cum Inside Sequence for Skinny Dipping Scene
+Completed Location (Hallway 2)
+Improved MC’s Bedroom
+Improved Quit Screen Patreon Girl
+Improved Changeroom Randomized Attendees
+Fixed Mom Side Story Triggering in Livingroom after accepting text from Effie
-Achievement Tab in phone is not usable
-Hitomi Gangbang Scenes CG not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added


Version 0.22b
Download from florenfile.com (752.71 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (752.71 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (752.71 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (752.71 MB)

Mac Version
Download from florenfile.com (750.27 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (750.27 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (750.27 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (750.27 MB)

Incest Patch
Download from florenfile.com (120 B)
Download from rapidgator.net (120 B)
Download from k2s.cc (120 B)
Download from uploaded.net (120 B)

Version 0.21a
Win Version
Download from uploaded.net (711.83 MB)
Download from florenfile.com (711.83 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (711.83 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (711.83 MB)

Incest Patch
Download from florenfile.com (120 B)
Download from uploaded.net (120 B)
Download from k2s.cc (120 B)
Download from rapidgator.net (120 B)

Version 0.18b
Win Version
Download ATownUncovered-Alpha_0.18b-win.rar from florenfile.com (607.88 MB)
Download ATownUncovered-Alpha_0.18b-win.rar from rapidgator.net (607.88 MB)

Incest Patch
Download fan_fix.zip from florenfile.com (122 B)
Download fan_fix.zip from rapidgator.net (122 B)


geeseki ren'py visual novel interactive male protagonist big tits big ass all sex family sex milf incest

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