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Dark Silver - Glamour - Version 0.10 Offline + Walkthrough + CG


Dark Silver - Glamour - Version 0.10 Offline + Walkthrough + CG

Developer / Publisher: Dark Silver
Tags: dark silver, 3dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, multiple protagonist, school setting, corruption, spanking, masturbation, voyeurism, interracial, sex toys, vaginal sex, handjob, lesbian,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.10 Offline + Walkthrough + CG
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
Main character (a guy or a girl, your choice) from a small town turns 18 and it's time to go to college. Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! Turns out main character doesn't even have to pay for the college! All they have to do is sign a strange contract and agree to follow college rules, breaking which might have grave consequences, up to being expelled... And not only that, the rules might change in the future, too...​

v0.10 Offline

As we've already said, this is our biggest version content-wise. While 0.10 doesn't have as many events (0.8 had over 100, but each only a couple of steps long), events in 0.10 are longer and more interesting. There are many new dialogs. You'll see some surprises and adult content. We tried not to stop stories mid-sentence and find good places to pause. 0.10 has fewer stories but we spent more time on each one.

Now, about new content:

Manual saving. Now you can save at any point of the game outside of dialogs and events. Autosave didn't go anywhere, so you can keep playing your old saves. By the way, guests can save the game progress too now, without Patreon authorization.

Veronica. We spent a lot of time working on her. If you already unlocked a committee quest, you can talk to her after her classes (you might want to ask her right after the lesson before she runs off somewhere) and ask her about tutoring. You'll be able to visit her apartment, meet familiar characters and learn something exciting.

Experiment. This one is really important, it unlocks all storylines below. New events will be available after you finish previous events and dialogs with Zoe. To start the whole thing you need to get a fine and go to the medical office.

You'll also make an important choice and it will affect Kate's personality in the future.

Retribution. I'm not going to spoil this one, play the game and see for yourselves.

Sexual liberation. This events will be unlocked after the previous ones. You'll need to finish previous events with Julia and Nick. I don't want to spoil too much, so that's all I'll say here.

Selfies. Now that Kate has a phone, an amazing figure and something to fix her shyness problem, she can do something exciting with all three. And of course it will have long-lasting consequences. You'll need to finish some quests from previous versions to unlock an option to send the selfies.

More Info:
It's going to be a sandbox RPG with a lot more freedom than Big Brother.
Many different NPCs, who are going to live their own lives. Main character is just a part of the world, not the center of it.
Every NPC, while having some random characteristics here and there, is going to have a lot of care and development put into them. They will have their own stories and secrets.
Many NPC-related storylines, which will tell you more about them and will elevate your relationships to a new level.
The main character—by the way, this time the main character is female—will be able to interact with NPCs and change their behavior, tastes and preferences.
Dates (and more) with NPCs, both men and women.
Many different fetishes. Everyone will find something that gets their engine going.
The main character and NPCs have a lot of different skills and parameters.
Lots of ways to earn money. From completely legal to…
Mini-games. From lock-picking to gambling like poker.
Crafting and selling new items.
Experimental college with unique rules, which will lead to all kinds of spicy situations. The main character will be able to manipulate the rules to achieve her goals.
The game is going to be set in the same place and time as Big Brother. The main character will be able to meet a lot of familiar characters and more. Oh, and spiders. There will be spiders.
Windows, OSX and Android support.
And, as always, great graphics. As good as last versions of Big Brother and better!


Win Version
Download from uploaded.net (1.46 GB)
Download from florenfile.com (1.46 GB)
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Download from k2s.cc (1.46 GB)

Download from uploaded.net (1.42 GB)
Download from rapidgator.net (1.42 GB)
Download from florenfile.com (1.42 GB)
Download from k2s.cc (1.42 GB)

Download from florenfile.com (8.80 MB)
Download from rapidgator.net (8.80 MB)
Download from k2s.cc (8.80 MB)
Download from uploaded.net (8.80 MB)


dark silver 3dcg male protagonist female protagonist multiple protagonist school setting corruption spanking masturbation voyeurism interracial sex toys vaginal sex handjob lesbian

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